How To Get Pregnant With A Girl

There are many reasons why someone would want to know how to get pregnant with a girl.

Years ago I knew a couple who ended up with 10 sons, and although they loved every one of those sons, they always yearned for a baby girl.

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl

A couple, who had two sons, lost their 5-year-old daughter. They didn’t want to replace their daughter, but they did want another baby girl to complete their family.

Statistics show that for every 1,000 girls that are born there are 1,052 boys. Because the scales are tipped slightly less in favour of conceiving a girl, many people are searching for a way to tip the scales the other way, and are searching for how to get pregnant with a girl.

There are various options available to those who are trying to conceive a girl.

There are many companies that specialize in gender selection. The costs and the service vary greatly, and each company will have their own statistics regarding success rates. For instance, one company offers sperm separation followed by artificial insemination – they charge £4,000 per 4 attempts, and claim a 75% success rate.

However, everyone does not have unlimited funds to spend on gender selection, but everyone deserves to have the chance of conceiving a baby girl. That’s why I started looking at the options that are available for everybody, regardless of income.

For those searching to learn how to get pregnant with a girl, and who don’t have an endless pot of money, there are many other methods available. There are methods which require the use of an ovulation predictor kit, while others will involve the use of a fertility chart, noting changes in cervical mucous, changing your diet, etc., etc.

One of the first things you’ll hear frequently, when you trying to find out how to get pregnant with a girl, is the fact that it’s the man’s sperm that dictates whether the child will be a boy or girl. The reason for this is because the man’s sperm contain either the Y-chromosome (Boy), or the X-chromosome (Girl).

Some programs for conceiving a baby girl will involve altering your internal pH acidity levels, to favour the female sperm. Female sperm favour an acidic environment, whereas male sperm fair better in alkaline conditions.

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