Conceiving a Girl

Before you can decide whether astrology is useful for conceiving a girl it is best to know what astrology is.

Conceiving a Girl

Conceiving a Girl

An astrology chart is a map of the sky portraying the sky as a full circle with earth (us) at the center. It shows where the sun and the moon are at any minute in time. Earth is not shown because earth is our view point we are standing on it so we cannot see it. This is the basis of astrology in a nutshell.

The ancient Babylonians believed that a woman’s fertility was affected by the cycles of the moon. Many people who follow astrological charts believe it. This theory was eventually obscured and resumed in 1956.

Dr. Eugene Jonas a doctor and astrologist, researched the possibility that the moon had an influence on a woman’s fertility using a woman patient. Jonas had several reasons for his concern of fertility and one reason was that because of his religious belief he was against abortion. He felt his method would help a woman that wanted to conceive a child and would help those women that did not want to conceive a child.

In Jonas’ studies and recent studies there appears to be a link between fertility and astrology. Fertility can be calculated using the planetary ephemeris which calculates the motion and position of the sun and moon from day to day. This calculation is done by measuring the distance between the sun and moon in degrees on the date of your birth.

If on your birth date the moon was full then the moon and sun were 180 degrees apart. You should ovulate once a month during a full moon. If you have difficulty with this calculation then have a reliable astrologer do it for you.

Couples that have same sex children and want to have one of the opposite sex should look to lunar fertility. . It is believed by some that you can determine the sex of the child by the position of the moon during the conception cycle.

In conceiving a girl conception should occur during the months when the position of the moon is in Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus and Virgo.

The general consensus for how to get pregnant with a girl or boy, is that whether conceiving a girl or a boy the woman’s menstrual and fertility cycles are based on the cycles of the moon.

When conceiving a girl the planetary line up at the time of conception can determine if the child will be a good or bad girl. There is evidence that planetary alignment can have an affect on a child’s personality.

Some people are avid believers that astrology and its method of conceiving a girl is a valid method. Others believe that mapping out the phases of the moon with the time of intercourse is an old wives tale. Whatever you may believe, in the end the ultimate decision on how to conceive a girl is yours.

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Penelope Louise Brown.

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