How To Conceive A Girl

Involving the medical profession is one way to conceive a girl. Read on to find out how you could fulfil your dream.

How To Conceive A Girl

How To Conceive A Girl

Finding a reputable clinic that deals with gender selection is the first thing you need to do. You will need to check out the clinic and confirm any data such as success rates for conceiving a girl. This is important because there are new fertility clinics opening up every day, all of them claiming good success rates!

There are two main methods which are used for how to get pregnant with a girl, and here’s a brief description of what the procedures involve.

How To Conceive A Girl – Sperm Sorting

This procedure involves the detection and removal of the male (y) sperm, and it can be achieved by two different methods. The first method is to inject a fluorescent dye into all of the sperm. The dye allows the y sperm to be located and taken out. The second way requires using a centrifuge. The female and male sperm are separated by the centrifugal force, and the y sperm are taken out.

Using the IVF procedure or artificial insemination, the female sperm are inserted into the potential mother.

How To Conceive A Girl – PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis)

For the second method the female embryo must be identified using Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. PGD, was originally developed to detect genetic problems in the fertilized egg, but can be used to conceive a girl.

For around 3 days the fertilized eggs are left to develop, then a single cell will be removed from every embryo. The cell is examined and the sex of the embryo is determined. Using the IVF procedure only the female embryos are implanted into the potential mother.

Beware of hidden costs when considering a gender selection clinic, as many clinics leave out the costs of procedures such as insemination and IVF when advertizing. Total costs and true success rates can vary tremendously, and you must take the time to get all the facts otherwise you could be left terribly disappointed.

The medical route for how to conceive a girl is not the only option open to you. Please check out our get pregnant with a baby girl book for more cost-effective and easier alternatives.

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