To Conceive A Girl You Must Eat The Right Food

If you want to get pregnant with a girl, then a big part of the plan involves eating the right food.

Conceive A Girl

Conceive A Girl

Biologically, we are all born male or female depending on whether an X chromosome sperm (female) or Y chromosome sperm (male) fertilized the egg. The X and the Y chromosomes decide whether we come into the world as boys or girls.

At one time the sex of a child was in the hands of a higher power, or so it was believed, although there were a lot of old wives tales about what to do to choose the gender of your baby, from position during intercourse to how you eat and sleep.

The old wives said the best way for how to get pregnant with a girl was to eat plenty of fish, vegetables and chocolate.. Now the belief is that if you want to conceive a girl then you must eat the right food.

The X chromosome sperm is stronger but swims slower, and the Y chromosome sperm is weaker but swims faster. The ph level of a woman’s body can be either alkaline or acidic. When a woman’s ph level is high it is more acidic and will not affect the X chromosomes. They are hardy and can withstand the more acidic or high ph level. For this reason you have to strive to maintain a high ph level, which is a more acidic level, in order to conceive a girl.

In order to conceive a girl you have to maintain a high acidic level so that the X chromosome, which is the stronger, will fertilize the egg. Too make an intolerable environment for the weaker Y chromosome to survive you have to eat a highly acidic diet to increase your ph level.

In order to increase your ph level and if you want to conceive a girl then you must eat the right foods. The right foods consist of meats such as chicken or turkey, As a side dish you can eat pastas, use vinegar, eat fast meals and drink coffee, milk or beer.

There is also the belief that adding foods rich with magnesium and potassium which you get from cereals, soy, apples, and green vegetables will help you have a baby girl. Old wives tales were not too far from wrong when they suggested that in order to get pregnant with a girl you should eat plenty of fish, vegetables and chocolate.

If all else fails you can use in vitro fertilization or opt to have the sperm sorted eliminating the boys from the girls and then implanting the girls using artificial insemination.

But whichever method you choose, if you want to conceive a baby girl you have to eat the right food. A healthy diet before and after conception as well as during the nine months of pregnancy is always wise not just for your health but the baby’s as well. Whichever gender you are trying to conceive it is always a good idea to eat a nutritional diet in order to have a healthy and happy baby.

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