Using An Ovulation Predictor Kit For Trying To Conceive A Girl

There are many different reasons why a couple might try to conceive a child of a specific gender. They may already have children and want a child of a certain gender to make their family complete. Or the couple could be older and childless, and may only have one chance to become parents.

Trying To Conceive A Girl

Trying To Conceive A Girl

Whatever their reasons may be for wanting a way for how to get pregnant with a girl or boy, ovulation predictor kits can prove to be very useful.

Very similar to a home pregnancy test, the ovulation predictor kit works by testing the urine of the woman. Between twelve and forty-eight hours before ovulation occurs (but most commonly thirty-six hours), there should be a surge of the hormone LH. The ovulation predictor kit  detects the LH hormone in the urine, allowing you to pinpoint when ovulation should occur, and therefore plan the best time to have intercourse.

Having intercourse at the right time is very important when trying to conceive a girl. The female sperm (X chromosome) can survive much longer than the male sperm (Y chromosome). Therefore, you need to ensure that you have intercourse a couple of days before ovulation, so that when an egg is released there will only be female sperm waiting to fertilize it (the male sperm will be dead).

Altering the acidity in the vagina, by altering the diet of the women, is something that can also be of help for trying to conceive a girl. The acidity in the vagina will be raised greatly, if a diet consisting of sweet foods and fish is eaten.When the mucous becomes more acidic it favours the female sperm, whereas the male sperm do well in hostile acidic mucous, but instead prefer much more alkaline conditions.

It can be advantageous to monitor when you are ovulating for a period of 3 months before trying to conceive a girl. Thus you can decide upon the optimum day/time to have sex to give you more chance of becoming pregnant with a girl. Even if you immediately try to have a baby girl during the first month, an ovulation predictor kit is essential, to get your timings right.

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